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    Hello, and welcome to Mibba! I'm Vic, and I'm just popping by to give you a few ways in which you can get involved in the site right from your first day! To begin, we'd recommend checking out Mibba's Knowledge Base. You'll find some really handy tutorials on navigating the site as well as the site's rules and guidelines. Youn can find the Knowledge Base at the very bottom of every page on Mibba or on your homepage, My Mibba.

    For those interested in writing, we'd recommend checking out the Stories and Poems pages. From these, you can find a range of content to read, as well as posting your own content. Our recommend feature lets you recommend pieces you enjoy, and you can also comment on content if you want to let the author know what you enjoyed.

    If you're interesting in writing or reading articles, we have several avenues: the Articles section for general articles, the Reviews section for reveiwing published work from books to music albums, and the Tutorials section for recipes, makeup tutorials and more.

    Blogging more your thing? We've got a Blogs section for that! This section is great for making friends, and you can both post your own updates on life or interesting tidbits you think people should know and comment on the blogs other people post.

    For in-depth discussion on certain topics or general fun and chatting, you can visit the Forums section of the site. There are a multitude of ways for new users to get involved, from the Introduce Yourself thread and the game threads in the General forums. We also have a Writing Tips forum to help you brush up on your writing if needed, a Role-Playing forum for those who would rather RP on the site, and a Contests and Challenges forum for those who wish to push themselves out of their comfort zones or get inspiration.

    If you ever have any issues with the site, we have a multitude of staff members to help out. For general site issues or any major concerns you have, you can contact a member of the Admin team, or if your question relates to a certain area of the site we have moderators for each section. You can find the staff members under their respective titles on the Members tab.

    If you have any questions at all within your first few days on Mibba, please let me know by either replying to this comment (you'll find a little green 'reply' button at the bottom of this comment!) or posting on my profile / messaging me and I'll try to answer them as best I can -- and once again, welcome!

    - Vic
    May 7th, 2019 at 12:28pm