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April 3rd, 2007


I fancy the pants of Jackson Rathbone. Bite me.
I don't like the new MCR. Bite me.
I'm a Twilight freak. Bite me.
I don't like little girls who b*tch and whine. Bite me.
I don't like tacky stories. Bite me.
I prefer The Used to My Chemical Romance. Bite me.
I'm an obsessive. Bite me.
Shoes are my vice. Bite me.
I think that The English Government is taking Political Correctness and Health And Safety too far. Bite me.

Chances are you won't like me. Bite me.

We only got one love. That's all we got. Black Eyed Peas

Everyday people judge me because of how I look... because I wear black and spikes. Because I listen to rock music and wear converse. Because I'm not afraid to say what I wanna say. Because I'm not about to be pushed around because I'm a teenager. Because i ride horses, go to Catholic School and talk nicely. I'm a human. I have rights. If you're gonna pass judgement on me like everyone else: go for it. I've probably already passed a judgement on you.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows will spring;
Renewed will be the blade that was broken,
The crownless again will be king.
The Lord Of The Rings

I'm my own person, however much I conform on the surface. I've been through hell and I'm still coming back. You have to live life as if today is your last because it might be. We all have a time to die and no - one knows when that is. Face it - that's what life's about. Being brave may only lead to death, but there will be honour in that death. Being a fucking idiot will certainly lead to death. And one without honour. That's your decision in life.

Music Is Like Chocolate...You Have To Remember To Throw Out The Rappers.

I acknowledge that I come across brash, blunt and like I don't care about anyone else. I probably don't care that much about you. If you have a problem then I will do my best to help you and provide support if you need it. I've had problems and been ignored, or too scared to get help. That shouldn't happen to anyone else. I'm not actually a self - centered, arrogant, stuck up, over - weight bitch. I have a heart of gold, I'm just scared of other people and afraid of being taken advantage of. I am, however, sarcastic, twisted and if I don't like you ... watch your back.

All you have to do is decide what to do with the time given to you. The Lord Of The Rings

The story of my life:
Don't follow me. I'm lost too.

I am your friend in a twilight zone; you just haven't seen me yet...

---- /// - \ ----Put this
--- III --- III ---On your
--- III --- III ---Site if
--- III --- III ---You know
----\ - ///----Someone
-----\ ///-----Who has or has
------/// -----Died of
-----/// \ ----Cancer

http://i7.tinypic.com/6bejqpv.jpg CLICK THE GODDAM LINK... you know you want too

Love For Bert McCracken Should And Will Be Enforced. (Says Shallott.)
The Pro - Bert Brigade is growing. We have a group on MySpace: http://groups.myspace.com/ProBertBrigade
Join us.

The Used are an amazing band who make great music. And believe me when I say, Lies For The Liars makes The Black Parade look like a teenie bop album

http://www.mibba.com/story/Shallott/How-Could-A-Fistfight-Be-Romantic/ <<< You want to read this, it's fucking amazing.

If today were perfect, what would be the point of tomorrow?

We must be the change we want to see in the world (Ghandi)

Woopwoop I have the beginnings of a family...
What with about 2 wives (x_00.07_x and Sensual Amber) and
A semi - evil sister who I tricked (Court.)
I also have a Mistress (Bert and Erni)
It's all good fun!!

http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a166/gabbyrose135/mikey_way_wearing_alicias_dress_lol.jpg I said... WTF when I saw it. What did you say?

Add This To Your Profile If You Ever Got Stuck In A Wall

"She's [pop singer] an entertainer and we're [Papa Roach] artists. It's like she finger - bates and we masturbate." Jacoby Shaddix, Papa Roach *roflmao*

If you read my stories and something doesn't make sense, and you're fairly sure it's because one of the words is wrong then please tell me and what you think that word should be. You're probably right. As part of one of my many mental problems I often get the wrong words, and don't notice. It happens more when I'm talking; but I stutter too so you know it's all good. Please tell me so I can correct it...I won't be rude or anything. I'll be extremely grateful to you!!