Waiting under dark clouds for the rain

Hai! I'm Lau I'm British!:) Music is my substitue for love. ? * Tumblr!

As it says above, I'm Lau. I am a 16 year old girl and I have got a boyfriend; I love him to infinity and beyond. I'm bisexual, and I have a great dislike for homophobes. My best friend is called Ian, he's gay, extremely girly and just a bit weird... But I love him to peices and wouldn't want to be without him. C: I like Toy Story, quite a lot. I can be childish and immature at times, but you'll find that I can be mature and I won't judge you if I don't know you. Simples.

Praying lightning strikes a change

I do write stories, even if I rarely finish them. You can read my latest story here. The rest of my rambles can be found at the link at the top of my page marked 'Stories'. It's pretty simple, if I'm totally honest...

As history gets lost

I LOVE my best friends. They mean everything to me and I'd probably have fallen down a large ditch somewhere if it wasn't for them. It's incredibely cheesey but hey, that's why they love me. C;
Ian. I've mentioned him before, but he deserves another mention, he's just that awesome. :D We recentely had a conversation about how we would be if we weren't best friends, or friends at all. His direct quote was: "You not being my best friend is like... It's like... Like, a butterfly being raped by a zebra! It's weird, wrong and disturbing!" Do I love him even more for saying that? Yes, yes I do.

and As I took that final breath I felt alive

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