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Okay, so with that out of my system, my name is Jessica but for some reason, Alex calls me cupcake. Well, honey, I'd like to cup something alright.

Yes I am in deed not normal if you were asking yourself, which I'm sure you are if you were in deed normal. If you weren't, then hello soultwin! Join the club!

So who's Alex? She's my little sex puppet, okay, maybe she's only my bestfriend but I'm not really sure 'cause we do, um, how can I say this nicely without damaging you? We do , let's call them "stuff" together shall we? She's mine though! So hands off! Unless you're a real hot guy so in that case, how you doin'? Of course I was just joking... Or was I?

Looking at how crazy I am, I would've never thought I would actually have a boyfriend, but what do you know? I was as shocked as you I promise! But, he's the awesomest most amazing hottie on the face of the planet and I love him so much, plus he's really funny, in a goofy charming kind of way, which I adore! He's in fact Alex's cousin, I know! It's like I'm dating the whole family! And he's on here, just have a peek at my second avatar, yup.. there ya go. Okay, so this warning goes to all the bitches, I usually never get jealous but seriously if a bitch messes with my guy, she can kiss both of her boobs goodbye *grabs boobs clamps* -.- Logan, I don't have to tell you how much I love you baby, I'd rather show you ;) And not even Billie Joe Armstrong can make me feel the way you make me feel. ?

By the way, Alex does have a sex dungeon, I should know *smirks*. Good times, good times.

Alex and I had a very interesting experiment with a lettuce, the creepiest yet most hilarious thing we've ever done! I'm not gonna put the story up here in the about section 'cause.. well 'cause it would ruin the excitment now wouldn't it? So if you wanna know just ask. Alex and I always have crazy sex situations that we keep laughing at for days ^-^ But really, it's just that we love messing with people's heads, especially when there's a guy who wants to "get to know" one of us and he's awful, then we put on our little lesbo act so we could get rid of him. So feel free to lick her, sniff her, plant one on her, she's a real nice ride (but this offer is only for hot guys 'cause she's straight -.-). She's here on mibba... Shocker! I know! Guess who she is? That's right! My first avatar! Yeah that's my girl, you know I love you hot stuff.

Now, if you look at my top friends, you will see that fifth avatar, yes the "no disturbing" avatar, that my dears would be my beloved little sister. She's cool and all, just one thing is wrong with her, she's ALWAYS horny. It's frustrating, her username must've given you a pretty good idea about how much of a maniac she is. She looks like an angel, but she's really a devil. But I love her anyway! Honest! It's like a freaking family reunion I tell you!

I have this "guy" cousin, and I said "guy" 'cause I'm not really sure since he acts like a wuss all the time, who Alex and I love torturing. Let's call him "Bunny". Girls making out freak him out for some reason, what kind of a boy is that?! Everyone loves a good sex scene! So what if we made out on his kitchen table during the meal? Who didn't?! At least I get some, unlike him! You know the movie "The 40 year old virgin"? That's him in 20 years. No girlfriend what so ever! Not once! And just when I thought he was gay, he surprised me by dating his hand. Good times... Good times....

To add to my agony, his brother is like this seven feet tall loser who loves stalking me, we call him zombie, he kinda sounds like one and looks like one *sighs*. When did it become acceptable to fall in love with your cousin? And I swear, the more I'm mean to him, the more he loves me! And if I'm just a little bit nice, it means "I so want him" as he says and he's freaking twenty two years old! Kill me! Btw, he knows I have a bf and thinks I'm using Logan to make him jealous *has a trantum*.So if anyone has a solution for this, please let me know. And NO Logan, pounding on him till he dies is not an option.

I'm not mean, I just like having fun! I'm an angel! Honest! These horns are just for show! *points innocently at horns*. 'Cause it's only funny till someone gets hurt... Then it's hilarious!

I have an awesome mibba pal up here, Luella who you might know as "Slippery When Wet!", the third avatar if you were slow . Girl, I'm gonna build a "temple" where we all could "worship" you. Notice the air quotes, Alex and I reaaaally like you. She's so much fun, always makes me fall off of my chair laughing and cheers me up. She's the best, a real good friend, and if you annoy her I will have to kick your ass all the way out of whatever coumtry you're in, don't try me -.- I'm a super hero, I'm the Ass Kicker Person and I have super powers that include basically embarrassing people by melting their clothes. I also can fly so beware birds and airplanes. Her comments are super hilarious, she's like a younger me! Just as crazy as I am and a very important member of our maniac club. That's her my beautiful hot Luella :) I don't have to tell you how much I love you my little cat!

I love Green Day (again shocker, you would've never guessed looking at my profile) so the music I love would defenitely be punk rock, it's the best ever, any other kind of music practically gives me a headache.. I just have something to add, Tre cool is in deed the funniest guy on the face of the planet and by far the best drummer ever. When asked why there wasn't any clouds in the sky, his answer was : "Because God wants to watch his favorite band play". Yeah baby! Green Day for ever!


Did I mention I love Green Day? And The Simpsons?

Brain cookie (aka Alex), I knew you'd do it and all you needed was a push (go to her profile to see what I'm talking about). No I'm not crazy, I'm just, um, different lol..

Okay, add me people, I'll see if I can squeeze you in 'cause I have such an interesting life and so many social attachements and stuff to do, okay so I don't have anything better to do, you caught me. I love you all, even the ones I don't know yet! Yes you, you know yourselves.

PS: I'm not responsable for any emotional damage you might get whilst chatting with me. And I don't guarantee my friends won't drive you crazy. You think I'm being sarcastic don't you? Well you know what they say, humor is 80% joking and 20% honest. Wanna take a risk?


Oh one more thing:

Spider pig, Spider pig
He does whatever a Spider pig does
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't 'cause he's a pig

Hey guys, I know I'm never on but that's cause I don't have time :( I'm really sorry but please, add me on my MSN "cryptic-bunny" ^-^ I miss you all!!!!