"we learn to swim

ash | fembot | lesbian | not old enough | loser
i like to breathe, read, and drink tea. i prefer living rather than existing. i don't really like people. i like to write but i don't do it often. i think in fragments and pieces and if you talk to me long enough you'll see what i mean. i like permanent things. the in between moments are the best moments. i've been on this site for way too long and i like tumblr too much. i dislike numerous things and i don't feel like listing them. i have a fondness for the sea and a fondness for causing trouble. i like adrenaline and i don't like sleeping. i have my entire wedding planned out and i want to be a plastic surgeon. i love pretty, shiney things. i like bright lights and hate loud noises and i love cities. my favourite place in the world is new orleans. i live and love in new york, which is a terrible state. i'm afraid of growing up, yet i can't wait to do so. i'm beyond tired right now. i'm moving to georgia. my eighteenth birthday can't come soon enough. i don't like to be serious but i usually am. i hate capitalizing letters and i love semi colons.

when we begin to drown"

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