Some Things to Know About Me

Hi, guys,

My name is Angela, and I have been writing since I was thirteen years old. I am a little strange sometimes, sometimes shy, and sometimes silly, depending on how I feel. I haven't written much in a while but am really hoping to get back to writing. I used to be on here all the time but am hoping to get back here, again. I miss writing and am hoping to get my talent and creativity back.

So, if you would really like to get to know me, then drop me a line in my inbox or comments :-). I guess I can be very nice once you really get to know me, though I sometimes have bitchy moments :P. But I try to keep the bad side of me to a minimum.

I am currently trying to find myself. I thought I had find myself but lost that. I don't know whether I have to find myself or create myself. I feel I am a very loving person at times, depending on my mood.

I am here for anyone who needs someone to talk to, though sometimes I'm not really good with advice. I listen and don't judge. I also don't tell anyone else anything. I don't see any reason to tell anyone anyone else's secrets.I don't reject anyone, so just message me if you'd like to be friends and/or need someone to talk to.

I have depersonalization and derealization problems, probably depression problems, too. It stinks, and my mother never wanted to take me to the doctor for them as a child. But, I am going to ask the doctor about them next time I am there, as long as I find the confidence to do so. Depersonalization is where you don't feel real yourself, and it can cause some really weird stuff, such as feeling like an automation and seeing yourself. Derealization is where the world around you and reality doesn't feel real. It really stinks, but it's sometimes I used to. I've had it since I was thirteen. My first episode of it was freaky-scary, but now I have it constantly. Most people have an episode of it at least once in their lives, but many don't have it constantly like I do. Although, there are many people who don't even know about it. I've had depression problems since I was thirteen, too, but I am hoping things will turn around eventually. I still have hope, even on my bad days, somehow. Even if it's a little smidgen of hope.

Favorite Quotes

How many ladies in the house tonight!? *Fans scream* Oh, shit... All you ladies scream! *Fans scream again* Now that I have the ladies' attention, I want to tell you something. Some day, you're going to go to a concert and see a rock star. He may look like me, or him, or us, or any one, and he's going to tell you if you show him your tits he'll take you backstage. And I want you.... to spit in that mother fucker's face! *Fans scream* Because you are better than that!
-Gerard Way

^I copied and pasted that from somewhere else, in case you were wondering. I still love MCR, though they aren't my favorite band, anymore. They are one of my favorite bands, though, just not the top one. :)