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This is Who I Am

My name is Jennifer Lynne, but I like going by Rylie instead. I'm a 16 year old girl who was born on April 16th at 12:15am. I have multiple places on the internet where I enjoy spending most of my time. I enjoy web and graphic design almost more then writing. I also like music, singing, dancing, art, profiling, and learning about the human mind. I was born in a crappy city where it's cold in the winter and horribly hot in the summer.

I love watching the snow fall, especially if there's already a nice sheet of snow on the ground. I adore swimming even more then that though. Sadly, I hardly ever actually get to swim or watch the snow fall. Where I live, we usually don't get much snow, though we do see a little snow on the ground on rare occasions. As for swimming, it's expensive around here, so it's out of the question.

Most of my time is spent listening to music and writing. I love to write original fictions but this is a resent thing. I first started writing with fanfiction will I still highly enjoy doing. My favorite type of fanfiction is anime and manga related which is always what I enjoy writing fanfiction about. Once in a while I'll write a Twilight, or a Harry Potter fanfiction, though this is rare.

I have a wild and very interesting imagination which has led to the creation of almost all of my original and fan fictions. I use this overly creative imagination to the best I can with everything. I try to keep all of my things original though we all have cliches once in a while.

Something I really hate are flamers and people who have a lack of respect for others. I myself demand respect, without it I turn into a very pissy person to whom you really don't wanna mess with. I can be as innocent as an angel or a cruel and cold hearted as the devil depending on the day, or the person I'm talking to.

Stay Up 2 Date

This is my little like...updating section I guess you can call it. This is basically where I'll tyell you what stories I'm working on, etc.

RP Information

I can rp with any of the following shows: Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Zatch Bell, Shaman King, Harry Potter, Death Note, Vampire Knight (on rare occasions), Fullmetal Alchemist (try), Naruto (rarely), Bleach (try), etc

What is rp? rp stands for "roll playing". it's like writing a story over IM/AIM/MSN or whatever. Never rp-ed before? That's fine! I can teach you how!

I have all of the following messengers: MSN, AOL, AIM, YM (Yahoo Messenger), ICQ, Google Messenger, QQ, etc. I might have more; can't remember.

Have a completely different kind of messenger? I'll see what I can do to get what you have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will only rp with girls seeing as how I am a girl. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Let me know if you'd like to do an rp with me! Please be sure to leave me your e-mail/instant messaging name/id so I can contact you!