Into Your Arms

I'm falling in love

Hey my name is kaycie!
I am sixteen years old.
Favourite Band The Maine
When I grow up I wanna be famous

But it's falling apart


I need to find my way back to the start

i'm the type of girl that will sit there with a condom tied around her head, like it's completely normal. i live for music, and music only. love is something of the past for me. i like singing abnormal rap songs with my best friend, and getting piercings. the maine is basically my inspiration for everything. they've got music that just makes me say "wow" every time i hear a song. john ohh and kennedy brock are my idols. i like to walk around town at three thirty in the morning like its the most natural thing to be doing at that time of day. my friends are everything to me, and once i call you a friend, there's no turning back. i really enjoy snow days, even though i throughly hate snow. summer is my favourite season, and i consider my birthday a holiday. going to concerts is probably the greatest thing in the world. i love the feeling of sweaty bodies jumping all around me, and watching my favourite artists performing live. when i grow up, i want to be able to reach people with my music. i want to be on stage every night and sleep all day on a tour bus. i hate peanut butter and all breakfast foods. i'm pretty random, and i make fun of just about everyone. i'm kaycie, and i wanna touch your wenis.

When we were in love


Things were better than they are

Feb 28th, twenty ten
At The Moment;
Feeling: nauseous
Listening to: Girls Freak Me Out - The Summer Set
Chugging: Iced Tea
Wearing: Pj pants, V-neck
IMing: Alexander
Make Up: Eyeliner and Mascara
Wishing: That life would slow down
Crushing: john gomez

Let me back into...Into Your arms

Hello Beautiful
Girl- Miley Cyrus
Boy- Nick Jonas
Chapters- 5/many
Status- Hiatus

Go Ahead and Burn It Down
Girl - Natalie Motte
Boy - Garrett Nickelsen
Chapters - 2 of many
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