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Name;; Cine Marie.
Age;; 14 {11.09.94}
Status;; Single.
Tunes;; Untouched - The Veronicas
Contact;; +6391598-fuckadelick
I`m Cine. I despise fakes & they make me want to strangle `em. Gabey. Mikes. Estaa. Leena. & Av. are my besties here. Iloveyou ♥ I`m an amateur webmaster. Ask me anything profile related, and I most likely know the answer. Except for photoshop. I don`t have it, sadly.

Viva La Cine! Productions is my own brand, which I will enterprise after college. Mikes and I will create a clothing line, mainly because we see lack of creativity in today`s fashion. And srsly, aren`t you tired that HotTopic is the only place for band merch and such?

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Make my way home.