Ashlynn is 20 years old. She's a web/graphic designer. One of the oldest mibbians, joined in Dec 06. Most people know her as Green Day’s bitch.She loves roleplaying and writing. She hails from New Orleans, LA. She's a quirky, non-athletic, spazz that loves thrift stores. She's outgoing when it doesn’t count and introverted when she shouldn’t be. She can’t drive. Got her GED in 09 and she's teaching herself German. A major sci-fi nerd, former comic book collector and hardcore concert kid (20+ shows). Pansexual and happily taken. She's pretty insane and obsessive but she's okay with that.

Green Day, Carrie, Torchwood, Billie/Mike, Adrienne Nesser, John Roecker, vinyl records, The Living End, Chris Cheney, Gareth David-Lloyd, Jack/Ianto, BBC's Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, Dollhouse, Holmes/Watson, Robert Downey JR/Jude Law, Svengali, The Professor, dreadlocks, piercings, hair dye, accents, incense, scarves, waistcoats, creepers, Converse, funky socks, coffee, Photoshop CS3, 924 Gilman St, torrents, iTunes, Chad Vader, EBPM, debates, Ray Bans, Gnome, Kulture Vulture, Wicked Orleans, The Matches, Gorillaz, Die Toten Hosen, East Bay, Cardiff, Melbourne, London, The French Quarter, BBC America, The Saints, Jeremy Shockey, Garrett Hartley, Travers Mackel, beignets, hot tea, hemp lotion, Bath and Body Works, Star Wars, Rockband, A Clockwork Orange, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks.

anti-gays, sexism, racism, prejudice, Fox News, religion, the colour orange, American English, slang, southern accents, most modern music, Disney and Nickelodeon, MCR, Fueled By Ramen/Decaydence, 28 Weeks Later, bad RPers, bad photoshop work, bashers, heights, driving, Sarah Palin, Walmart, underwire, poorly written tv shows, bad fanfic, most female leads, good shows getting cancelled, Paramore, BMTH, The Millionaires, Chad Kroeger, Creed, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon.

Carrie, Bobbye, Sruti, Delaney, Michael, Spencer, Erin, Lotus, Ashley, Kristina, Sam, Emilie, Kim, Chels, Lorraine, Tasha, Phoebe, Elaine, McCookies, Lina, Felix

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