NAME: L'Elizabeth
MENTAL AGE: Approx.8..18 if I try hard enough.
IN SHORT: "Try to be open minded,you got a lot to learn in the ways of me.."
MUSIC: Everything!
LIKES: Paint,Cameras,Film,Coffee & Sweets!
DISLIKES: Figure it out.
RECENT UPDATE: "You'll never want to end this.."

I hate this town it's so WASHED UP!

L'Elizabeth|Lover|Liar|Utterly Hopeless!...Blows out the candles on Sept.25.Lover of sunny days,floral prints,bare feet and anything/all vintage! I have a deep respect for anyone passionate about art.I'm EXTREMELY talkative.Apparently loud too.(Friends exaggerate!) I don't judge...I'm not God! A Day To Remember,Pierce The Veil,D.R.U.G.S.,Bring Me The Horizon,Of Mice & Men,Asking Alexandria,Attack Attack!,etc.. I adore Tom Sykes! I'm single,not looking to that way.Want to be my friend? Grow a pair and shoot me a comment:)