We Have to go 1000 Oceans Wide

[date] April 20, 2011

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1000 Dark Years When Time has Died

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We Have to go 1000 Oceans Wide

TITLE: I Scream into the Night for You

PAIRING: McKenna Carmine-Shaffer & Georg Listing

STATUS: Chaptered. Active.


LAST UPDATED: April 17, 2011

SUMMARY: McKenna is locked in a mental institution for something she did not do. Everyone last person in her life has turned their back on her. She needs to prove that she is innocent before it is too late. Can she escape from this lie? Can she get everyone that she once loved back? Or is she doomed to not be loved and trusted ever again? Guess you will have to read to find out!

TITLE: And if All That Can’t Hold You Back, I’ll Jump for You


PAIRING: Lexi Carmine-Shaffer & Georg Listing

STATUS: Chaptered. Active

LAST UPDATED: April 5, 2011

SUMMARY: Lexi has had the toughest life that you could even possibly imagine. When she was younger she lived in Germany and befriended four kids. One in particular promised that he would not forget her and would come save her. He broke that promise. Is she supposed to drop everything and forgive him years later? She lives in fear, who does she turn to? Lexi has too much on her plate. She is going to need saving before it is too late.

TITLE: The Taste of Blood has Never Been Sweeter


PAIRING: Lexi Carmine-Shaffer & Caleb Jones

STATUS: Chaptered. Taking a break for corrections.


SUMMARY: I guess you can say they are your typical “emo” kids. They like to think differently. Yet again I ask what do these two have in common? They get involved with just your everyday nonsense, you know, fires, murders, beatings, cutting, hostage over take, defiance, and that is just to name a few. Where did all the good kids go?

TITLE: When I Fall and Hit the Ground


PAIRING: McKenna Carmine-Shaffer & TBD

STATUS: Chaptered. Hiatus for corrections


SUMMARY: College Freshman. She overcame depression once, and now she has to do it again. Her life turns upside down during what was supposed to be her comeback. Can she make it through this, or will she fall and hit the ground?


* I am Dayna

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* I am weird

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* I love my family

* I love my friends

* I love writing

* I love helping people when they need it

* I want to be a child psychologist

* I am pretty cool! Get to know me!

1000 Times Against an Endless Tide