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nikki.sixteen.i am who i am. hey, i'm nikki. not sure what to say in here. whatever, I guess. it's not like anyone actually reads these, right? well, i will just tell you about myself just in case someone stumbles upon this and would like to read about me. as it says higher up, i'm sixteen. i live in the U.S., though i always seem to wish i didn't, I would love to live in the U.K. i'm going to try to go to school their. i like to talk in british accents and call people love. i just started my junior year in highschool. i'm very sarcastic, and i usually don't care what people think of me.

i like art, though i've just really started getting into it this last year. music is a big part of my life and i would really love to learn to play some instruments, i already know how to play the clarinet and piano. i'm learning the ukulele and i want to learn the guitar. i don't go a day with out listening to music, barely any minutes(unless i'm in school). my family doesn't really understand how important it is to me, but let's just say music is a giant part of my life. avenged sevenfold and any music christofer drew does is my favorite. i don't go a day with out listening to either. though, that isn't all i listen to. i also listen to panic at the disco, blood on the dance floor, bring me the horizon, all time low etc. i'm not a very picky person when it comes to music! (:

i'm just going to come out and say this, i've never had a boyfriend. i'm very much single, and very much like someone. to bad he has a girlfriend. ): i'm happy for him though, since i know both of them pretty well and they're both pretty cool people. my friends are crazy, weird and awesome. i know everyone says that, but it's the truth. i'm not going to lie though, they can bring some drama, which i'm much not into, but i still like them. i hate dealing with drama and always try to avoid it, so once you come to this page don't bring any. unless of course it's not towards me, and you'd like me to help. i'm a great listener, reader? replier? you know what i mean. (:

i'm not really sure what else to write, i guess that i'm a fun person to be around, and i like to write? haha. obviously. i'm always try to improve on my writing though, so if you read my stories some constructive criticism would be awesome uh... i guess i'm a weirdo? haha. it's true, but a pretty amazing weirdo... yeah? i guess i'm done now, it would be cool if you'd had read this all. well bye. -small wave- (i'm nervous around new people.


blankedy blank blank, i'm not sure what to write here, i'm sure i'll figure it out.


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I am working on my stories right now, trying to get some chapters done so I can update. Tumblr won't work and I am very sad. D: I really want to get on. I have no school today, so that's good though. I am watching the new Supernatural too. Yay for me! :D


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