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Hi, I love reading stories and I hope you enjoy reading mine. Check out my Photobucket for banners, photographs I've taken, Photoshop projects, character images, etc.

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I promise to post something, whether it be a one-shot or a chapter to my story or even a new story, at least every two weeks!

So my New Year's Resolution went to hell. Since school is done, I will be updating more frequently and regularly.

Update (7/18, 11:40 PM)

Jordan Staal story: I Left my Heart in Moscow buy My Love Waits in Pittsburgh

There were only two things that Svetlana Vasilyevna Khitrova knew: ballet and Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin. But when Evgeni leaves her in Russia to fulfill his dreams of playing in the NHL, she is left with no other choice but to follow the love of her life to Pittsburgh. There she learns a third thing: Jordan Staal of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Cristiano Ronaldo story: Cheating Across the Pond

Alyssa Giggs, niece of Manchester legend Ryan Giggs, gets accepted to be an intern for one year at Manchester United as an athletic trainer. It is there she meets Cristiano Ronaldo and sparks fly and an undeniable chemistry is there. But one problem: Alyssa's fiance Stephen.

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