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May 2nd, 2007

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Shout for the Heavens.

They won't hear you,kid.


I'm 13 years old,but I believe it's just a number and so should you.

I LOVE B. thx for asking :]

Last summer I used to hide my face with the fringe and leave one eye showing and do lots of eyeliner.
Last winter I wore alot of layered tops and the same old things.
This Summer I will be at skatepark singing a song with my fringe hiding 1/4 of my face without eyeliner.
Next Winter I will sing a song for the broken-hearted and will wear the same old tops because I still like them.

Now you might ask me what was that for?
What was that for?
Honey,I don't know.

You're fxcked in the head.
And if you're not you'll soon gonna be like them.
What do you mean?
I mean trying to fit in society when the others do the same.
I've learnt from my mistakes that I don't need to fit in most of the time,because all that matters is having people loving and caring about you.

london .
Baby,that's where I wanna be.

If you're gonna say I'm ugly or stupid,whatever,I won't hurt you ; but why are you even talking to me? If all you're gonna do is judge and offend me?

I am not the type of girl that will wear heels or eyeliner or foundation,I spit infront of everyone in the middle of the street,maybe tomorrow you'll see me wearing the same top that I wore today.

Why,because thats me and I'm sick of trying to change it. :)

It's my passion.

Hello Kitty and Barbie shall burn in hell :).
They're stupid. Fxckin bigheads.

I like colours,they afascinate me.
You'll see me staring at the sky most of the time,and wonder what a fxcked up dxckhead am I.

I've descovered that in order to appreciate life you have to appreciate all the small,simple things.
Seriously,this may sound idiotic but its true.
Don't let it get most of you,you'll end up living in your head.
Like what happened to me. :)

Yes,you will call me a freak. Yes,I will turn into a Panda. Yes,I believe we can fly. Yes,I believe that you're an idiot.

Cheers mate.