about me
Alyssa. 18. Mother. Daughter. Sister. I work my ass off and Mibba is pretty much my only down time. I'm Bisexual. Though here lately, I'm starting to wonder if I even like guys. I miss how things used to be, simpler. I'm young and I want to own the world. My son loves to wear my high heels. I think the end of the world will be through a zombie apocalypse. I'm addicted to Waycest and Ryden. I'm also completely stalking Mikey Way. So there's people in my life that should be more than they are. And there's people in my life that really don't need to be there. Sometimes I think I'm in love. Sometimes I think it's lust. Other times maybe just memories. All with different people. I smoke way too much. I drink often and here lately,I've been getting high a lot. I'm in college, slowly making it to my degree. I have plans for myself and one way or another I'll accomplish everything I set out to do.
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