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Photobucket I'm known as Brandee.

My life is complicated. I suggest you DON'T try to understand it. I am a bear. I believe in almost nothing yet i believe in a lot. I was never sane and I am going even more crazy these days. I am doing everything possible to get out of this horrid place. I'll be in an insane asylum by time that happens. And for all those people out there that are absolutely happy about everything *gag* gues what???? :D We were all born to die. Hehehehee. Lets talk?

Being a full time college AND high school student is tougher than I thought..
Date: 11/7/10.
Music: none
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I have a newsh story, Let's Dance in the Cemetery. Please please please please read it and let me know whacha think? Thankies :]

Lets Dance in the Cemetery.
Characters: Tommy/Kimmy
Chapters: one
Status: Active
Focus: Kimmy.

Characters: Jez/Logan/Jer
Chapters: 18
Status: Hiatus
Focus: Jez

Characters: Nikki/Skylar
Chapters: 7
Status: Hiatus
Focus: Nikki.

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