Hello, hello, Im april. Ive always thought myself to be your typical average normal girl who loves to write stories and poems and does pretty much nothing else. (: Please feel free to read my stories and or poems and don't forget to comment!!!! I love hanging out with my friends, the colour purple and ice skating. And I absolutley hate hate nuts (they make me puke) and judgemental people. My favourite books are the Noughts and Crosses series by malorie Blackman or The Host by Stephenie Meyer though I'm very much into the classics (Jane Austen) and love the books, Small Island and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseni. I'm a Christian and believe that the Lord died for sins and rose up to heaven. I love my friends and family who are pretty much spread everywhere from America, London to Jamaica. My favorite music is Paramore so I love the fact they're on the twilight soundtrack. Hope to see you around :)


mood: happy (:
music:Misguided Ghosts by Paramore
update:All an Illusion


title: Soldier
chapter: One
girl: Ellie
boy: Luke
summary: Two halves of one whole, an irrefutable love and unbreakable bond. They're sisters, nothing more, nothing less. They're supposed to love each other, not to hate and yet Ellie and her twin are far from the normal rules for families. Ellie hasn't seen her sister in years, tells herself she doesn't care or think about her every day. Instead she turns to Luke the only constant and right thing in her life, who her heart wants even when she knows he's the one thing she can't have.

title: Blackout
chapter: One
girl: Sara
boy: Jude
summary: What starts out a as a harmless school trip soon turns Sara William's small world upside. Stranded, on a desert island? It feels like some sad story straight off the pages of Treasure island, but this is no joke and to Sara's surprise it's not the shot time she spends deserted that really terrifies her. Instead it's the world she returns back to with clearer eyes, a world where they practically rely on technology for everything. Perhaps just a little too much...

title: All an Illusion
chapter: Thirteen
girl: Jade
boy: Alec
summary: Jade is only an innocent, average girl when she's mysteriously attacked and turned into an vampire. Despite the help of the Cullen family she's horrified by what she's become and is determined to seek out the Volturi and end her never ending life. But once she does find the them will she discover her death or a soulmate?

title: The Voice Within
chapter: Fourteen
girl: Ronnie
boy: Chase
summary: Ronnie's life is falling apart. Her dad seems to be getting even more and more angry these, days and when he gets angry, he takes it out on her. Only Liz, her best friend knows about her abusive father. When Liz dies, in a tragic car accident Ronnie refuses to believe it. Liz can't have died, that's impossible. Ronnie can still hear Liz's voice in her head, telling her what to do helping her when she needs it. Suddenly everything seems like its going to be alright again. With liz she can do anything. With liz, Ronnie has the guts to stand up to the bullies at school. With Liz only, Ronnie has the bravery to stand up to her father, but then with Liz does Ronnie have the power to kill?


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Spinning round and round
Las vegas
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