If I could run the clocks, I would
date:23 september 2012
my tunes: Running The Clocks - Our Last Night.

But their hands are out of mine.
So I'm Safina. Nice to meetcha.
I was never good at writing about myself so I'll leave it at that. Even if I did try to write about myself I'd probably end up rambling about things you probably wouldn't care about. You can get to know me though. XD
comment, message, or add. =)
I like to meet new people. =D.
And no, I don't over use smilies. :/
Fer reals.

Used to be Coke Diet.

scary ones! ones about the mafia. chick flicks. =) And Mean Girls, of course. =P

Avenged Sevenfold. Breathe Carolina. Frank Ocean. My Chemical Romance. Rihanna. Asking Alexandria. Attack Attack! Good With Grenades. Hollywood Undead. Paramore. 3OH!3. Skrillex. Broadway. Bring Me The Horizon. Drake. Three Days Grace. Escape The Fate. Get Scared. Falling In Reverse. Sleeping With Sirens. T. Mills. Our Last Night. Call The Cops! and lots more.

slashes. music. concerts. fireworks. Tyler Oakley. roller coasters. Breaking Bad. that cupcake up there. tumblr.

spiders. mosquitoes. liars. when i cry. sore throats. homework.

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somefink else 'ere?
So I'm 16. And will be until next July 8th. I live in Canada too. Gots 2 brothers. Older and a Younger. Middle child, ftw.

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