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I feel so Useless in the Murder City.

Comment, asshole!


Chinese and Vietnamese.
Penises and vaginas are UGLY.
The name's Ana, but you can call me Jimmy; I'm a punk rocker, not a saint. 06/02/09 was the best day of my life, wishing for all those years- finally, I got to see Green day up-close and in person. To feel Billie's warm hug put me in a state of an all time high! I don't want to seem like a freak or anything, but come on. How lucky can one girl get? If you're wondering why I don't have any pictures, you're not the only one who's angry and upset about it. (I still am) It was a signing at Hottopic in LA, and for some reason, these assholes (not Green Day) didn't let us take pictures. God, if I could tell you what happened that very day... Anyway,
August 20th is when I will be graced once more, with their presence in concert.I'm generally a really nice person. Honestly, I don't have a knack for anything else that's worth for a living. I admit that my exterior is anything but original. Originality is impossible to achieve and truthfully, the only thing that's one of a kind is personality, so I actually try to have one.
Every day I learn something new, and try to put it to good use but I don't promise anything. I'm a little too loud, a little too smart, a little too shy, and a little too dumb. I'm an oxymoron wrapped in a sarcastic, human body. My name is Ana and I'm young. I live, I breath, I lie. One day after all is said, and done, I'll die as well. I try to make my life a life worth living.

I think that people let words describe themselves more than actions, and I suppose I'm no exception. I try to come off as intelligent and interesting. Sometimes I also come off as really sexual, (I imply and use a lot of innuendos) and goofy. I think of myself as a 'good person' but under the thought of existentialism and morality, who really decides what a 'good person' is? I'm happy with myself, and my boyfriend says I'm perfect, so for the time being I'm content.

I don't believe in drinking, smoking, or the jonas brothers - but hey - whatever floats your boat.
I care what you think, but I probably don't care what your opinion is. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

I'm honest, sometimes brutally honest, and I'll let you know now - usually, the only people that don't like me are the ones who feel threatened by me, or the ones who don't bother to get to know me. And I can tell you right now, usually, if you don't get to know me, you won't like me. I'm really a fun person to be with and I love making fun of irony. I make silly faces and sing rather well. I dance when I think the time is right, but I probably do it not-so-well.
I love art, and writing. I draw a lot, and write a lot of prose and poetry. I draw because I have to. I write to create beauty. It's not for personal satisfaction or to let go of my emotions. It's simply to make something average into something beautiful. That's it.
I think too much. Sometimes good thoughts. Sometimes bad thoughts. Mostly about life. I have yet to come up with a conclusion, and I doubt I ever will. The only thing I know of now, is that you'll never know the answer. And the only thing close to the answer has to be love and happiness... That's it. How you achieve those two things, I have no idea. I work on it every day of my life.
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