who the hell is she?


I always use to be the shy girl, not a hot girl and not your type girl. I never cared about the cool clothes, about the right shoes, making the right moves. - The Saturdays.

To Whom This May Concern,
I have sent you this letter to inform you about a particular girl who you may, or may not know of. Her name is Chloe Victoria Waaka who is 18 years of age. Expect her to be a bit flaky and shy, though don't judge her by first glance. She is an innocent heart and has been hurt a lot, but tries to hid it all with her wacky humor and loud, obnoxious ways. If you dislike anyone in this type of form, I suggest you stop reading this letter at once.

Hey hobbies include indulging into a hardback book, mainly Harry Potter, with her aquamarine eyes, scripting a humble poem or story with her delicate, pale right hand and cackling about with other fellow friends of her kind.

As we have shown you the main aspects of the fine young lady, we must spare you the time to reflect on what has just apposed you. Thus, letting you decide of what you think.

Yours Truly,
Pansy Parkinson