hate to love. love to hate

daydreamer. realist. a bitch. hates lamb. thoughtful. original. impatient. 165cm tall. complacent. risk taker. selfish. into the indie shit. loves to read. ‘bloody marvellous!’ green eyed. judgemental. lives in England with the queen. hates kids. is sixteen soon. doesn't believe in happy endings. has a tattoo on her forearm. loves sleep. rock and roll. plays guitar. misses her best friend. introverted. talks too much and too little. retarded. indian food. loves the Joker. fuck it. pain is pleasure. cold indifference. apathetic. really doesn’t do love. loves her bed, but would rather be in yours. has prom soon. only tells the truth when shes drunk. wants to be a paramedic. hates uncertainty. ignorance is bliss. luke pasqualino is a babe. pain. love. life. hates dripping taps. science geek. nomad. alcohol any day. words are bullets, and they kill as good as any gun. trusts no one. sarcastic. has high expectations in everything. bookworm. music is her life. misses her brother. loves writing. perverted. hates bread. nostalgic. drugs float her boat. mate. has 10 exams in one month. loves funny situations. dallas green is a genius. gigs. cannot wait for america. takes things for granted far, far too much. laughs at horror films. sympathetic. atheist. loves summer. orgasms over the beach. is an indecisive piece of shit. takes too long telling people how she feels; and by then it’s too late.


Jasper Hale: You Jump, I Jump. Right?
Nick Jonas: I Don't Like This Ending
Original: Without You, I'm Not Okay
Original: Note to Self, Just Breathe
George Weasley: Underneath, I Bruise Easily

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