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    omg, when i first read this, it was on my phone & seriously, i didn't see the blog layout. but kris looks so dashing in that gif, i'm seriously crying. that look is the look he gives raven on a daily basis, so i'm very ecstatic that you have found a gif that resembles his cold behavior. *fanning self*

    'his blonde strands, like a halo...' oh my goodness, i'm crying bc like...kris is a really good guy in white fang like little bird, but you don't see their goodness since it's like masked with this layer of hate infused passion. & he & little bird both are perfect in their appearance & stuff, like god's fighting for each other & with each other *crying at my own self-analysis*

    'refusal of emotional expression with pouted lips & a slim, sharp jaw' Clap

    'her tresses black like Raven's wings, spreading out behind her' she's such a fallen angel. this sentence made me tear up bc of the torture she goes through on a daily basis. wtf, this made me emotional, how are you doing this?

    'tats & scars, skin a map of a malicious life' this...this is my favorite line.

    NO BUT, 'they refused to state the feelings tearing out of their chests, ripping through their cold hearts & clawing them to life. still deny the chemistry. warmth that has never been felt' *bawling into tissues*

    THE ENDING THO, THE ENDING, 'forgot how to love, now forbidden. one has to die'

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    January 28th, 2014 at 04:02am