It happens,
It's something we all go through.
There isn't a person out there who hasn't gone through it.
It's more about how we deal with it,
That's what defines us.

Everyone seems to define people by pain.
How much do they suffer,
How much can they withstand,
How much before they break.

But I think it should be different.
We should be defined by how we hand the pain.
Do we cry? Scream? Fight?
Do we take it out on others? Cause them pain?
Or do we take our lives when we can't handle it?

Everyone has to deal with pain,
It's human nature.
We all get broken hearts,
Broken bones,
Broken spirits.
But we all have friends.

Friends who will lift us when we fall,
Who will make us laugh when we're sad.
Those are the reasons to live.
When we're in pain, so are they.
When we break, so do they.

They are our friends.
Our reason for living.
Our reason for staying alive.