The Horror

Fuck you, fuck me, fuck the world I want to leave
You brought me here and said you'd share
But now I hate what it's become
I'm dizzy from spinning and hitting my head on the concrete wall you gave me instead of consideration
So as I begin to bleed and as my throat burns (I can no longer scream) you'll look down and see what a sorry sight it is to look down from the top and instead of a view see a perfectly murdered opportunity.
I'll blast sounds in my ears to drown out the pleas and run as far and as fast as I can even if I know I'll be caught it's still worth a try though I see the insignificance of it all I still wished at least once someone'd care in a way that you can't but I've no such luck and I doubt that I will so please continue to ignore and enjoy your silent thrill.


I found this in my note book. It took me a while to remember what it refers to, which I'm not going to go in to, but I decided to post it. It wasn't originally meant to be a poem, more of a free writing to get things off my mind. But I re-read it and decided that it could be broken in to a few lines. So, that's why it's nothing like any of my other stuff.