By: Seri Zenna

This land of
Unexplained beauty
Peaceful existence
Un-ravaged by destruction
Here is home
To great legends
And the birth
Too many new legends
Love is not,
Hard to find
In this land
Threatened by war
Oh grand warriors
Save us,
From looming destruction.
Powerful elders
Send us a leader
A defender
Hear our cry
Don’t let our
Grand home be destroyed.
Let this imamate radiant beauty
Stay with us
Through the stretch of time.
Crystal lakes and icy clear rivers
Flowing with an intoxicating
Power and calming peace.
Rolling waves of grassy plains
Oh healthy land,
So old, yet so young.
Wise land teach us
How to keep you pure and not
Distained with our filthy hands
Teach us to recycle
not to waste
Our world stays healthy
Do not become sick
With our needs and desires.
Here we live in harmony
Co-existence of a perfect balance.
What we use we re-turn
People here smile in friendship
We are not quick to close our doors.
Respect is an un-spoken nature to all.
Death we don’t tread upon.
We live and celebrate life
This land is not a dream,
But our home of more then
Just a host.