Shadows were the start of my fears.
I never had the chance to be real.
My head alway's ached.
I never had the chance to take a break.

Pain was a familiar fear.
I knew this one all too well.
Like a beaten girl, my body would start to swell.
I made a promise never to tell, he told me to swear.

Love was the most dominant fear.
To feel your heart rip up and tear.
To imagine life as you know it gone for sometime long.
But oh, I was so wrong.

I can now face my fears.
I look back and laugh at those cruel things you did.
Though it's not funny, I can't help but to laugh.
My fears are gone thanks to you. You showed me who I really have.

My time with you is up.
You threatened me not to leave, but you can only do so much.
If you ever said my name again it would be a sneer.
But thanks to you, I now have not even one fear.