Your away from me but not for long

this is just an idea I got while trying to sleep lol hope you enjoy it!!

It was fall just awhile ago
We rolled in the grass and yelled out "Woah!"
We laughed, we kissed we hugged we shared
Yell our love to whoever cared
They laughed and said we're crazy.
Other days you'd say we were lazy
Just lying around in each others grasp.
The fingers on our hands we'd gently clasp.
I had your heart and you had mine.
When I leave I heard the same old whine:
"Just five more minutes please?"
I always complied smiling putting you at ease.
Those days now gone never to be had again.
Your final words written crudely with blue pen.
"Goodbye to you all I'll miss you so."
I still wonder why oh why you felt you had to go.
But that does not matter as im coming for you now.
Most will wonder why im doing this and how.
But who cares Im with you now and will be forever more
As we clasp hands and walk through heavens door.
I smile at you and you smile at me.
We now run off into the world beyond at last we're free
Forever now your with me and me with you.
As we spend our eternity in the open sky so large and blue.