As the Roses Fall

I lived for him and cherished love
God, I was such a fool
I never knew just how that curse
Would spill my blood in pools

I thought about him day and night
He invaded all my dreams
Who would've known that someday
He'd rip my heart out at the seams

He loved me with his entire heart
But he never told me so
Since he was mute I couldn't tell him
That I loved him more than he'd know

That very night so long ago
I said I knew not if I loved him true
He rushed into the kitchen
And I knew what he would do

I tried to escape the terror
Of my beloved gone insane
He wasn't the wisest of all men
He didn't know we felt the same

The image of his crazed black eyes
His heart-broken gaze of pain
He gripped the knife and set his face
I knew I would be slain

The hour that followed my bloody death
It dawned on him that I
I had always loved him
And he'd taken away my life

He took the blade that had stolen me
And thrust it through his heart
He laid himself beside me
And watched his own life fade to dark

After a week of premature death
The funeral has finally begun
We lay side-by-side in the casket
Our days in life are done

But soon we will be together again
Our love will surely soar
For when the roses fall
We will be together for evermore