What Do You Do?

Earlier today,
I was hanging out with my dear friend,
Before long I became so distracted by the things around me,
I hurt my dear friend so bad he up an ran to his room.
I didnt know,
I'd hurt him so.
Finally I stopped by his room only to see;
A sight so disturbing it brought my heart to its knees.
My dear sweet friend was holding the ugliest thing I ever did see:
There in his lap lay a hangman's noose.
My heart grew heavy and distraught,
How had I missed the hurt I had caused?
How could he want to die?
This friend of mine I love so very much.
I looked my friend in the eye as a part of me died,
And I asked him why as I began to cry.
I didnt know what to do. I didnt have a clue.
I didnt know what to say.
To make everything alright.
And as my fright began to grow,
I still didnt know,
How to save my dear friends life.