Through Bloodshot Eyes

Love they say, we agree happily
Because we know we're right in happiness
Everything indicates it was right and justified
But still I look at it skeptically like a lie
Taking my word over the common truth
Because I'm now blind
Taking a stake slowly to my own eyes
It started as a splinter but grew with proper care
Shaking from reverie to hear my stupidity
I'd now give anything to, once again, see
(Or so I say)
I have the map and know the road
But motivation never stayed for me to learn to drive
So here I sit on the very edge of city lights
Just within reach, but lost in the woods
Still, I sit, waiting for a rescue
By all rights and logic they should shun and scorn
But instead they ignorantly continue as before
They'll forget the blood on my hands
Some saying it's insignificant, the rest never seeing more than ketchup
Which is worse, I wonder?