Nobody cares

I surrender to the light of the day.
My mind races.
I get up and do what ever I do.
' My life sucks '

I'm worthless
Nobody cares
' I should just end it now '

I'm at school
The stupid jocks pick on me.
They push me against a locker.
I cry out in pain.

No one stops and helps me, they just act like they hear nothing.
Nobody cares.

They pull me in the boys locker room.
I see the coach.
I sream for him to help me, he looks my way...
and walks the other direction.

Nobody cares.
They push me on the hard ground.
I whimper in pain, they laugh.
They rip my shirt and pants off.

I crawl in the corner and cover myself as best as I can. More laughter.
They pull me up and rip my underwear off.
One by one they have there way with me.
I cry and beg for them to stop.

This only makes them laugh harder.
Nobody cares.

The last one pulls his pants up.
They threaten me, if I tell i'll die.
They leave the locker room.

I cry and cry for help.
Nobody comes.
nobody cares.

I pull my bag to my side and open the zipper.
I pull out the thin cold metal tab.
I put it over the vain on my wrist.
I slice across making it go deep; blood oozes out.

As I pass out into unconscousness.
I hear murmurs as my body is found.
But no sreams and no tears.


Nobody cares