Little Girl

Where did your little girl go?
She was in your arms not to long ago.
What happened to her?
She just accepted her standard issue future.
What happened to her?
The one with dreams.
She tryed so hard to be what you wanted.
She's not who I remember her to be.
What happened to her smile?
I haven't seen it in a while.
What happened to her laugh?
Was it tossed away?
Tossed away in favor of a silent complience?
What happened to that charming little girl,
With her blonde ringlet curls?
What happened to her?
What happened to the girl with no fear?
It's in her memory that I'm sheding these tears.
I swear I just saw her staning here...
Do you know I miss her so?
She was my hero you know.
Why is she hiding?
The girl I knew would never stop fighting...
What happened to her?