My Hero

In My Eyes
In my eyes, she’s greater than words,
Dreams, even, seem below her.
More than I can comprehend,
The only one who could apprehend.

In my eyes, perfect beyond perfection,
She is a fallen angel, down but not out.
Inhuman, being brave beyond brave,
Exactly the comfort I crave.

In my eyes, she has no equal;
She is Daniel in my den of lions.
Always encouraging walking on my own,
But always there when I weaken and moan.

In my eyes, I can see her clearly;
Vivid even in darkness,
Her life saving light,
Giving fuel for the fight.

In my eyes, I see only a screaming sea,
Threatening with lies to drag me under.
And, by her hand, she pulled me through the ghost town,
Whispering assurances that I would not drown.

In my eyes, she is the sole reason for living;
Without her, black would invade.
She will never be too far away,
While I wander off and stray.

In my eyes, she is like the guardrail;
Omnipresent, but not oppressive.
I can count on her solid pressure,
A net when I need a soft capture.

I can only say thank you so many times in my lifetime,
But even if I could say it a thousand more,
It wouldn’t come close to capturing how I really feel,
How grateful I am you helped me heal.

Poem we had to do for English class. Had to rhyme. Had to be about a hero. Fin.