Why Must It Be This Way?

The first time we met, we talked a bit.
It took us a while before we clicked.
And from that moment you had me
But truth be told inevitably
You were too blind to see or afraid to look.
Afraid to be with me as I read my book.
It seems you're everywhere, it must be fate
That you're in my class, isn't it great?
But I'm tired of chasing instead of being chased.
Wish my heart could just erase your face.
So I'd never light up when I hear your name.
So I'd never be at home crying, sick of the pain.
And yes, I have feelings, but I doubt that you do.
Cause for two years I've been lead on by you.
So just sit down and focus, tell me what's on your mind.
Just stop leading me on and wasting my time.
The clock is ticking, going by fast.
If you don't change your ways, you'll never see my ass.
Too bad cause you're older, you should know better.
Then I wouldn't have to write this to you in a letter.