Questions Without Answers

why is this tear here?
why did it fall?
why is broken all i feel?
You left so long ago.
All of me You took,
except the one thing that i promised you.
And that to a stranger now belongs.

I gave my heart to you.
A risk to take.
I never wanted
A fate I feared.
Is all that I now know.
I tell myself
but I told you so.

You may have givein me my heart.
But why did you break it too?
So many promieses made
I so innosently believed.

Every bridge I ever built
I burned when I loved you

If you love so true but once,
why was it so soon?
Will this be it?
Shall I breath
Every breath
never tasteing of love again?

I wonder,
do you ever think of me?
Do you ever miss my kiss?

I hate you.
but does it matter?
nothing changed,
Weather it be filled with love or hate,
It's still all my heart you have.