Haunting Eyes

No eyes more haunting
Than yours from the page
A voice I never
And will never hear
A time cut so short
It's like you just
But I wish so much
That in your last moments
I could hold your hand
I wish that your last breaths
Your last memories on Earth
Weren't tainted by
The wickedness that
Took your life too soon
I wish that I could have
I so wish I could
And promised you that
Everything would be okay
But that would have been a lie
Because now you're gone
And it sickens me
When I think of the motives
Behind the crime that
Stole your life too soon
You are a memory
That I probably
Would never ever
Have the fortune to meet
But it seems so sad
That I know your name
Because of your death
Your horrible, untimely
At the hands of those
That couldn't see beyond
The person on the outside
There are no eyes more haunting
So far in my life
Than those I see today
From magazines and TVs
There are no eyes more haunting
Than yours.