He savend my life!!

i made a poem story about ray saving a girls life enjoy!!!

I wonder whoever said that love lasts forever
I bet if they felt my pain they would have never
The pain you caused me here
was worse then slicing off my ear
Because of you I am cold and broken
because of harsh words that were spoken
you dragged me out by the roots of my hair
for all the people to stop and stare
you slapped my face so hard and fast
I doubt that even 4 seconds passed
you pushed me down onto the ground
and my frail body you began to pound
you kicked and spat and punched and swore
such vicious names you called like whore
till suddenly you stopped and the pain was gone
I sat there still for who knows how long
I heard him grunt and curse and rage
but the sounds of him faded away
I look up now to see how come
and when I saw you my ears did hum
your face so soft and sweet
you sweeped me back onto my feet
You tilt you head and rub my cheek
for some reason its hard to speak
you wrap your arms around me and hold me tight
this feeling now it feels so right
I really like the way
you brightened up my day
and did you say your name is Ray?!