For Sheia

I feel so empty and lost
You said we would be friends forever
Why did you lie to me?
Did you not think it would hurt when you left?
Did you write that letter
Just to destroy me?
To make me hurt like you were hurting?
Why couldn't you stay here with me?

I looked for you on that cold, windy day
I never would have looked up,
Had not your blood dripped onto my hand
You climbed into that tree
And ended everything

I couldn't believe my eyes
And the sadness on your face
The pain we both felt, yet you did
The unthinkable!

Your body so cold and lifeless
Your blue eyes like a glacier
Forever frozen in time

And let me hold you in this cold death
Was all I could think of
I cut you down and held you while I cried
Now forever dancing alone

You look at me, smiling down from
The beautiful night sky
While I miss you forever,
At least you'll suffer no more
While, for me, the pain
Will be with me forever more!
I love you, Sheia.
♠ ♠ ♠
Thsi is something I wrote for my deceased friend from childhood.