No title.

Sitting in a darkened room
Thoughts racing through my mind
A tightening in my chest
A tear stained face
Panic spreads
Throughout my mind
Killing all of my confidence
I want it all to stop
To leave me alone
But the words that
You've said have
Murdered my thoughts
And burried my emotions
I try to get lost
In the music that plays
Inside my ear
But I feel even worse
Than how I started out
Cure this plague
That runs through my veins
If it's possible
I want it all to stop
To leave me alone
Do I need to be here? To be alive?
Suicide comes to mind but
So many people will suffer in my loss
But theyll never know
How much I am hurting
I keep all of this pain
Inside my head
And try to forget everything
The hatred, the sadness, the guilt,
The depression, and even
The lonliness
But then it resurfaces
And suffocates me
I dont want to suffocate
I want it all to stop
To leave me alone
Some people exlain it as
Broken glass inside their
Head bleeding down
Thoughts of anguish
And mass confusion
Theyre right
People who dont understand
Will never
For they are blinded by
My fake smile and my words
They will never see how much
Pain I am in
So all they can do
Is stand by
As music blasts in my ear
A new feeling rises
I cant exlain what it is
But its different from the rest
I listen to what my heart has to say
And it tells me
To look on the bright side of life
I try and try but it doesnt work
But as I stop trying for one short moment
I realize that Ive found the
Bright side of life
And to my surprise
It has all stopped
And left me alone
And now
I wanna jump out.