Yet again another shout comes,
why can you never be faithful to me,
Why am i not enough for you that you need more,
Why, just tell me why?

I dont know is the only reply i get,
i dont know
more lie's spill out!,

i hate you i scream
you could never be happy with just me..
you couldnt just be happy with the best thing you had
and now its all over and its your own fault

if you hadn't of done those things, said them
we could still be together maybe
but you have hurt me to many times now...
so i have to end it. no more chances
no more me..

i turn and walk away, your standing there crying
the pain rushes through me killing me.
takes all my strength just to carry on walking
not to turn back to you that person i thought i once knew

my soulmate....