I'm Better Off Without You

You used me and threw me away,
Told me I was a good-for-nothing,
You grew bored with each passing day,
How I wish I wasn’t just your plaything,

I hate the way you never cared,
How every word you said was just a lie,
And I was just never prepared,
To actually start to cry,

I hate how you would talk,
To all your friends about me,
Say how I would never walk,
Out of your life and be free,

And myself is what I hate the most,
For not being smart enough to leave,
I should have known you were gross,
But I was in denial, I just couldn’t believe,

So I’d like to take the time,
And say that I’m better off without you,
I hope you liked this little rhyme,
Because you’ve become just another “who?”.