My Dad Was Never There

My earthly father was never there,
He left my mother in despair
He spoke cruel words and did not care.
He caused many tears and gave me much fear.

Why wasn’t he there?
Why didn’t he love me?
Was I not good enough?
I need someone to hug me.

So then, through my life
I lived in strife,
Because my father would only fight
I held in grief and could only weep.
Why was my father so mean to me?

But then a man came wiping my tears of rain,
Embracing me with his arms and saying my name
He told me He loved me and then my heart changed.

I have a Heavenly Father and He knows my name
He died for me, while hanging on the cross He too my blame.
He paid the cost and saved the lost.
Saying I love you all and now, I must fall.

But three days later, I’ll rise again,
With scars on my arms and nails in my hands.
I was beaten to death, because of your sin,
But I’m living again and healing the dead.
Sick and weak and all whom I meet.

Blind men saw, the weak stood tall,
Making the scornful fall.
The waters began to rise,
While the men were tossed from side to side.

Crying with fear, “God persevere!”
Then the sun began to shine
And the water began to die,
God saved many lives.

While sitting here I realized
I have a Father, the LORD God on High.
He’s with me today, washing away
All the pain and letting me say, I have a Father
And I am loved today!