This One's For You

When you held my hand
And you stood me just right
Placed that kite string in my grasp
And told me to hold it tight

When you ran at my side
One hand on that bike of mine
Let go and kept me going
Stood aside to watch me fly

When you hugged me real close
On my very first day
Smiled me some honest hope
And watched me stumble away

And soon, I wasn't stumbling
I walking on my own
But I still find myself remembering
When I needed your hand to hold

My world used to be so small
It was you and me and mom
And I lived like that was all
That I needed to go on

Now boys still don't trouble me
And my music is my peace
My chicas have my back
And I'm growing into my body

But soon things will get harder
And I'll be on my own
So I'll turn to my father
And I'll never be alone

So we’re riding in the car
Music dancing through the air
You'll be giving me advice
Of what it was like
When you were there

I'll be nodding my head
And I'll take it to heart
Thankful for a daddy
That helps when things get hard

Teens all talk like crazy
We all have too much to say
And I just can't keep my silence
'Cuz the words get in the way

But in you I find that calm
That strength and peace of mind
To take my time and do it slow
So it always comes out right

And I'm telling you I'm thankful
In this quirky way of mine
But pen and ink is better, right?
It stands the test of time

And if tales do tell the truth
Then father and daughter,
Me and you,
Will live on forever,
In each others’ hearts,
Together, or apart.

Briana Marie
♠ ♠ ♠
This poem is for you dad, for giving me your love. This heart of mine is yours, dad, for every time you helped me up. Readers, this is just the first of the poetry I'll be posting. Give me time, and I'll get more out.