Against the grain of the midday sun
I ponder, when and where to journey
Into the deep below and hybrid reds and blues
And purple skies among the birds with
Violet gray eyes. Away turn I from
The simple eloquence that is pure
Existence. When can I be more
Than an honest statue, lady Liberty?
Before my hair blanches like
The pale faces of horrified girls
And little boys who dream of trains
And empty fire trucks and planes.
After the skin dries, like cried-out
Eyes that fade into the sullen sockets
Of eternity. Or never in the everlasting,
Only in the absolute, or absolutely
Frozen solid freezer of this flaming
Pulsating stretch of highway,
Byway, my way’s in between,
Where solid green is peachy keen and
Ten is nothing but eleven.
Don’t limit me to twenty lines
For I will add another one
or two or three or seven more,
until the writing seems a chore.
And in the hands of limitation
I shall rock this heartless
No not nation, for rhyming obeys constraints but this line overfills and breaks the rules.
And never do I let the “man”
Control who I decide, to be
Forever in and, out history there’s been
Typos, typettes, and typewriter fluid that’s determined lives of petty women
And their forlorn brides who only wish to dance
Among the living who have
Long since passed away into tomorrow day.
Let fall away the seams
And seams
And bolts and nails and screws
And seams,
Wake up from all the overbearing,
Wear the face that you cast upon yourself,
And never put it on anyone who doesn’t
Understand the truth of pixie dust and
Neverland where you can never go again,
Because you’ve grown too timid
To say the words that you were not meant to say
Letting self-imposed destiny control
What thoughts you allow through your head as you lie
Sleeping, in a hollow hole of waiting from which you can never
Not escape. And only wait for the addiction
To set in leaving marks upon your burning
Skinny bones that let you roam from Rome to Rome
And back again my friend.
And now I see I’ve reached the very very very very very
No don’t stop not for a minute,
It seems I’ve entered further into
Future forgettings of goings on and going
Going never gone away
From home and happiness that keeps the walls
Around you, in the failures and
The okayish of the bouquets of flowers
That smell like hours ticking by
In times where one must wonder why not
Why, and only when and where why’s over there in the corner sporting
The dunce cap of your greatest success my guest of all the falsities
And truthfully I’ve never seen a brighter night when stars refuse to shine
Or light the was and was not theres inside your mind
Where you cannot be found.
I swear that you must be around here in some
Crevice of my jeans or in the spot between my
Toes, where wax soothes the aches and pains of relaxation.
On line or offline in or out its all about the not-abouts
For I have figured nothing out, and that is the beauty of
Wordless whispers to the sky,
Oh why oh why can’t I see the pot of silver
At the top of the world’s largest pumpkin
In the states unstately fair or not fair where you lose the game
And where nothing will remain different in your indifference
And ignorance is your newest sensation.
Craze and creed and face yourself in the mirror,
See what I have never seen before and prove me wrong
And prove me wrong and prove me wronger still
I know someday you won’t understand but at least
Take my hand and guide yourself away from
The everyday
And neverday
And take me by your side and I will
Hide myself behind the mask of not hiding you away.