We'd Build A Castle

If I found him….?
Well, now, let’s see:

He’d be the only one for me
And I would never cheat.

I’d take his hand
And hold it tight.

I’d pick up his calls
We would talk all night.

I’ll buy him CDs
He’ll buy me books.

I’ll know all his jokes
He’d like to cook.

We’d have pancakes fordinner
Ice cream sundaes for lunch.

We’d play on Rock Band
He’d always beat me on expert.

We’d go to the beach
On those rainy days.

We’d build a castle
And kiss in the rain.

He’d give me his jacket
I’d give him my heart.

We’d text like crazy
If we stay apart.

We’d take dumb pictures;
Show them around.

We’ll dance in slow motion
Laugh for no reason.

We’d wear dorky socks
To go with the seasons.

And then at my prom
We’d each go alone.

We’d meet there by magic
We’d meet there by chance.

I’d fawn in shock
As he asks me to dance.

And in the pictures we’ll stand
Two hopeless fools.

With his purple tie
And my missing shoe.

Briana Marie
Jan. 22, 2010
♠ ♠ ♠
Tell me what you thought.

My dad: Said I was "so imaginative"
(ENTER: pat on head)

My bestie: Giggled and began to fantasize about me and my guy friends.
(ENTER: Me rolling my eyes)

My mother: Scolded me for being a 13 yr. girl and not devoting all of my attention to school.
(ENTER: My bestie having to comfort-hug me for five minutes)

So, um, yeah.
Milk and cookies?

Got any???