Sound of Settling

Dear You,

I'm looking your direction
Can you feel me now?
I want to see your eyes,
But I'm so afraid of call.
I know they say we're only kids
But don't kids love too?

Hey You,

Do you ever look my way?
Do you ever notice me?
I want so bad, I want so much,
I want to know what it's like
I want to feel your touch.
Could you ever care for me?

Love you,

Did I say that out loud?
I can't tell you that I lied.
I see the hope in your eyes.
Does that mean what I hope?
Could you love me too?
Make my wildest dreams come true

To You,

I remember when I said I do
I remember all the things you said
I remember everything you do
Who would have thought that today
The day would come when I could say
You're never too young to fall in love