The Same Love That Doesn't Exist

To fall asleep
I put on some music
and drift to an unseen
magical world of dreams.

I show up in the land of
my own inner thoughts.
A plain theater, no one is around.
But the lights are still on.

Then you come along.
That is a dream within itself.
You want me to come with you,
you know I will.

That’s when the doors lock
and the phantom comes
to take me away
from you again.

You fight him off,
but I am taken anyway.
I want to be with you.
This is a dream so why can't I be with you?

You find me among the props,
where the monster has locked me.
We run towards the door
and there the phantom is again.

With a princely charm,
you pull out a sword and duel
for ourselves,
for me.

We escape the theater prison
and on our way to paradise.
You lean in for a kiss
while I lean in closer.

And as the sunsets
on the flat cornfields of the great IL,
Our lips touch and
then. . .

I wake to the annoying alarm
which constantly reminds me
that even with a dream like such
I can never, ever be with you

not even in my dreams.