This World Is Bigger Than You

There is a world out there
And it's bigger than me
And all of the things that I can see
This world is big
And so full of people
And it's bigger than you
There is more happening
Then you learn on Entertainment Today
Celebrity world driving mainstream news
Some movie star is getting divorced
And so to other news now
Yet another soldier is killed in Iraq
This world is huge
And is so much bigger than me
In China a man exercised his freedom of speech
And the army gunned him down
In Zimbabwe a man stood up for his rights
And the government put him away
In America a man spewed hate
And the charter backed him all the way
This world is big
Bigger than the USA
Bigger than you or me
This world is big
And it's full of despair
But if it doesn't affect you
In your bubble world then why should you care?
This world is huge
And wasn't made just for you
Unrest in the middle east
So that your gas prices can remain low
Can you imagine having to pay more than you already do?
Now that's something you'll stand up to
This world is big
And doesn't just belong to you
The rainforest is disappearing
And disappearing fast
But it doesn't worry you
Because you're too concerned
About keeping up with the Jones'
Because that guy's bigger than you
And that girl is prettier than you
And he drives a better car than you
And she makes more money than you
Everyone has more than you do
But that's not true
Because this world is big
With plenty of people worse off than you
People in Vietnam still finding land mines
People in your own country living below the poverty line
But who wants to know about an outside world?
The newspapers don't tell you about it
And the schools don't teach you about it
Because we're not interested
We don't care
But this world is big
And is bigger than us all
Strive for difference
Strive for change
Many people in this world have no voice
But we do
And we should use it too
Because this world is big
Bigger than me and you