Whatever it takes

Will you do whatever it takes,
Regardless of my lack of beauty,
lack of tall thin legs,
and perfect blonde hair?
Will you instead seek my inner beauty,
a locked treasure that is waiting to be found?

Will you wipe away my tears?
Hold me tightly and whisper sweet lies,
or will you forever leave my fantasies
Leave me cold and alone
like the scattered Autumn leaves
blowing helplessly across the road.

Will you stop making me laugh?
stop making my heart beat quicken,
stop making me want more
or simply stop me caring?

Will you ever go away
for me to hear the obvious truth
would be like a knife to the throat
a slap in the face
one last whiplash to my ever breaking heart.

So will you say goodbye,
kiss me on my head and walk away
drop me into an enchanting eternal slumber
Or will you do whatever it takes